Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Welcome Back Night

Our Welcome Back/Join Cub Scouts Night is

September 6, 2018
6:00 PM
American Legion
295 School Street, Winchendon

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Polar Caves Trip

What:  Polar Caves Trip
When:  July 22, 2018 - Meet at 9:00 AM at Polar Caves
Where:  Polar Caves, 705 Rumney Rte 25, Rumney, NH
Cost:  Scouts are FREE, all others $10.00 each (4 and under are free)
RSVP:  By July 18, 2018

Spend a day exploring, caving and having fun at Polar Caves.  All Scouts are free of charge, all others are $10.00 per person (4 and under are free).  Please RSVP by July 18, 2018.  Families are responsible for their own transportation to and from Polar Caves.  Payment is due before or on the day of the trip upon arrival. 


Polar Caves Park is located at 705 Rumney Route 25, Rumney, NH 03266, just six miles from I-93’s Exit 26. We are easy to get to! 
Advice for GPS users: We strongly recommend that you do not use GPS coordinates but instead search or “look up”  “Polar Caves” using your GPS software. If unsure, please call us at (603) 536-1888.  

From the South:

1 Hour from Manchester, NH – Take I-93 North to Exit 26, and Polar Caves Park is nine minutes from the exit.
2 Hours From Boston, MA – Take I-93 North to Exit 26. Polar Caves park is nine minutes from the exit.


Polar Caves Park wishes to be welcoming to every person. However, our attraction is built into the side of a mountain. The changes in elevation necessitate inclined paths and stairs.  As this is a natural attraction we have limited paved surfaces. Our main concourse and paths are either bluestone gravel or earth. Wheeled vehicles (wheelchairs, scooters and strollers) will be unable to or have great difficulty navigating this terrain. All nine caves are situated on or around Hawk’s Cliff at an elevation hundreds of feet above the parking lot. There are many stairs that connect the caves and bypass boardwalks.  

Our main concourse where our Animal Parc is located is gravel covered and partially accessible depending on the diameter of a wheeled vehicles wheels. Persons with physical disabilities that limit mobility or who are accompanied by registered guide dogs should contact the office in advance with additional questions.
Pets are not allowed in the park.  
Baby friendly
The Polar Caves were formed during the last Ice Age, long before the invention of strollers and baby carriers. Neither of these modern conveniences works well while touring the caves due to steep inclines and declines, tight spaces and in some cases low ceilings. Strollers will be difficult to navigate over stairs. A baby-back carrier or snuggly type device may leave the child exposed to physical injury if a caregiver slipped or fell. However, many parents have toured the caves or utilized the boardwalk bypasses that allow a visitor who wants to “go around” a cave to do so by following a boardwalk path. Additionally, we do have a baby changing station located in our Maple Lodge accessible bathroom.
Why is it called Polar Caves?
The Polar Caves were formed during the last ice age as a continental glacier descended over New Hampshire’s White Mountains. When the caves were originally discovered, the cold breeze exiting them was described as “polar,” giving the caves their name. While our mascot is a Polar Bear, as far as we know, none have ever lived here. For more information about our unique geologic features, check out the Kid’s Corner.
How long should I plan to be at Polar Caves?
Self-guided tours can take about 2 hours, but feel free to stay the whole day. If you’d like to leave and come back, just be sure we stamp your hand for readmittance.
If you’d like to avoid crowds, plan to visit early or later in the day. Please keep in mind that our busiest hours are between 11 am and 2 pm.
In the summer, we sell our last ticket at 5 pm, but you can stay in the park until around 6 pm.
Suggested Attire
Polar Caves park is a fun, adventurous destination for families who love to explore, and visitors looking for a leisurely touring experience. However, the caves can be quite chilly on even the hottest summer day. They are named Polar Caves because of the icy breath that emanates from them after all! In addition to long sleeves, wear sturdy shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers. You’re going to be scrambling around rocks and into caves, down ladders, and along wood boardwalks. Flip-flops are strongly discouraged; they don’t offer good support on the terrain.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Family Fun Weekend

Just a friendly reminder that Family Fun is coming up June 9-10 with the Webelos only overnight June 8 (Webelos stay the whole weekend).

We need the RSVP forms in by June 3 HERE. or go to our website.

What is Family Fun?  Well, it's our end of the Scouting year extravaganza!  All family members are invited and it's no cost to the Scouting Families.

Cub Scout families come up on Saturday with the events starting at 10:00 AM.  We encourage all families to stay over with us for the weekend, but if you can only make the day, we understand.

We will have our Webelos Only campout on Friday and then on Saturday we will have CSI:  Cub Scout Investigators and bloodhounds!  We will follow up with a pie eating contest and free time to go swimming, fishing or chilling out.

The Pack will provide dinner and breakfast for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

There will be a campfire program and graduation ceremony for the Scouts!

We suggest bringing your own camping gear, but if you would like to stay in a cabin, we have the Waterfront Cabin reserved and up to 30 people can stay in there.  Please indicate that on the RSVP form

We have some awesome things planned for the weekend, you don't want to miss it:
  • CSI:  Cub Scout Investigators - we will be playing a real life Clue game by completing activities and solving the clues to find out who took the missing Arrow of Light
  • Pie Eating Contest - everyone will get a chance to compete in the annual Moeketsi Molai Pie Eating Contest. Pies donated by Table Talk Pies
  • Fishing, Swimming and more - there will be some free time in the afternoon to chill, hang out, go fishing and swimming
  • Campfire  - we will have our annual graduation campfire where all Scouts will officially graduate to the next Den Level
  • Leader Fun and Games - the Leaders are going to be performing a fantastic skit for everyone and you, the Scouts get to choose a song from a voting list for Leaders to do a lip sync battle!
  • Ice Cream Raingutter - grab your spoon and dig in to the all you can eat ice cream rain gutter
  • Food - the Pack will be providing burgers and hot dogs for dinner and eggs, pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  We are asking families to bring side dishes to share (refrigeration is available.
Just a few reminders about the upcoming Family Fun Weekend this weekend at Camp Collier:
  • Camp Collier is in Gardner.  GPS users can enter 1 Camp Collier Rd for directions. Others should take Rte 140 towards Gardner, turn left onto Stone St., take a right onto Wheeler St. and then turn left onto Kelton Rd. and follow to Camp Collier on your right.  DO NOT TURN ONTO GREEN STREET TOWARDS THE COLLEGE.  The Relay for Life is happening and they normally have serious traffic.
  • Families are asked to bring a side dish.  There will be refrigeration there in the dining hall.  PLEASE MARK YOUR DISHES WITH YOUR NAME so we know who belongs to which bowl/plate/crockpot and you can be reunited with them on Sunday before you leave.
  • Scouts and Leaders should BRING THEIR UNIFORMS for dinner and the campfire ceremonies.
  • Bring swimsuits and towels.  We will get a chance to go swimming WITH PROPER PARENT SUPERVISION.  If your Scout or sibling is swimming, you are watching or swimming with them.
  • Den Leaders are off duty for most of Family Fun.  Please know where your Scout and Siblings are at all times, parents are in charge of their children this weekend to allow Den Leaders time to enjoy their own families.
  • If you're sleeping over (Webelos Friday or Saturday to Sunday) you are CAMPING.  Please pack accordingly. Tents, sleeping bags, changes of clothes, etc.  It can get cold at night, sweatshirts and jackets are highly recommended.
  • NO OPEN TOED SHOES.  Flip flops and open toed sandals should not be worn.  We have had a great track record of no Scout injuries and we would like to continue that without the lose of toe nails or toes on roots or rocks.
  • If you have DIETARY RESTRICTIONS DUE TO ALLERGIES OR CHOICE, please feel free to bring your own food for dinner and breakfast.  Otherwise we will have hamburgs and hot dogs for dinner and pancakes and sausage for breakfast.
  • FAMILIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SATURDAY LUNCH.  You can bring a bagged lunch or go crazy and bring camping gear to cook out.  Again, refrigeration is available at the dining hall.
  • SHOWERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.  There are flush toilets and sinks you can wash up in.
  • You can bring boats (rowboats, canoes or kayaks) for free time.  Cub Scouts and Webelos ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO OUT ON THEIR OWN AND ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE KAYAKS.  PFDs are required for EVERYONE.  Scouts and Siblings MUST have an adult with them in the boats.  These are BSA rules.  We do not have lifeguards or the ability to do the BSA swim test.
  • Scout like behavior from Scouts, Siblings and Parents is required.  NO SMOKING AROUND THE SCOUTS.  If you have to light up INCLUDING E-CIGS AND VAPING, please go to the far side of the parking lot.  NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS.  You will be asked to leave immediately.  NO LEWD BEHAVIOR at any time.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend for a great time!

RSVP Below: